How do you define an action in a State Machine when using Root Motion

I dont understand how to design my State machine when using a Montage for Root Motion. I have an animation where my character Dives forward in his attack, but I cant figure out how to call the animation in a State Machine using the montage. Do you call it in the State Machine at all?? Right now I have my Idle, with Walk Run, then I have Defend, Upper Cut and Round House all coming off my Idle state. Should I be only calling this in my blueprint? I’ve tried but can’t get it to work. Ive had a few other try to explain it but I cant get it. Any help is much appreciated…

Hi MaroonersRockAnimation,

The following video playlist describes how to set up a character in depth, including instructions on using montages in the state machine (ie adding a punching animation to the character running so that the character punches while running):

Depending on your character creation comfort level, you may not need to watch from the beginning of the series. I think you will find your answer in videos 8-16, replacing the punching montage with your attack montage. Additionally,
in your montage be sure to designate your notify as a branch point in the details panel. Also, in your attack AnimSequence, make sure the proper Root Motion is selected.

Hi MaroonersRockAnimation,

Since we have not heard back from you in a while, I am closing this post as resolved for tracking purposes. However, if the information provided did not help with designing your State machine to implement a Montage with Root Motion animations, please respond and include an explanation of why it did not work.