How do i use a transfrom with 2 location areas

Can i have 2 location areas (for example Area 1 with x,y,z: between 100 and 50 and Area2 with x,y,z between -50 and -100) in one transform? and is so, how?

Not sure if i’m following what you are asking.

you might not be understanding how a transform actually works

A Transform contains 1 of each of the following:

Location(Vector) - Represent a single point in which the actor is located
Rotation(Rotator) - Represents a single orientation in which the actor is rotated
Scale(Vector) - Represents a single size the actor is scaled to.

There is no range represented in a transform since an actor cannot be multiple places, multiple orientation, or multiple sizes at once.

But you can always use a clamp to keep it in a range. The clamp make sure that the value has a min and Max value.

I’m not sure if there is a clamp for vector but if you break the transform then break the location and clamp all the float. You’ll be able to make a range for your location with the clamp float, but check if there is a clamp vector.

yea, i just wasn’t sure, thanks for clarifying

i was trying to get 2 ranges, not just 1. i wanted stuff to be spawned in the righ and left of an object, but not the middle. So i just wanted to know whether 2 ranges of random numbers are possible. i ended up having two different spawn nodes for each range