How do I use a Physics Volume to shift Gravity?


I want to use a physics volume to shift gravity for my character. I’ve seen where some people have been able to shift their characters gravity so that it’s not always -Z. I have been able to setup a physics volume so that I can change the -Z to give lighter gravity but how do I set it up so that my player can walk on a different axis when in this volume?

I’m just starting to learn some stuff in Blueprints so any help getting start is greatly appreciated!!

Hi CompanyMan,

Shifting gravity in UE4 is much more difficult than it was in UDK. This is because UE4 is a complete physics based engine, however it is possible. Check out the links below for some info to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Thanks, TJ

This didn’t really help. I’m still learning blueprints and am having trouble understanding this completely. The rolling ball game is cool but I don’t know how to do what’s being suggested in the post. The other one didn’t even provide an answer even though it was resolved (??). The guy even said this:

After taking many different attempts
at the effect you’re looking for, I’m
sorry to say I wasn’t able to get it
to work correctly through blueprint.

Obviously it is possible through blueprints but that guy just didn’t know how. Can you provide any examples of how to set this up or what exactly to do? I’m not looknig for anything fancy except that I want my character to be able to walk on a wall. No jumping or anything else. So since you say it is possible can you help?

And for the record I never used UDK so telling me that it was easier there doesn’t really help me now. :confused:

What I meant by ‘easier in UDK’, that version of the Unreal Engine had gravity manipulation programmed in as part of the Physics Volume. UE4 does not because it is a completely physics based engine.

If you aren’t yet familiar with blueprints I would suggest going through some of the tutorials we have available on our Wiki.

With that said, changing gravity in UE4 is a bit complex. I will continue to search for more info to help you figure out how to set this up.

I’d love to know how to do this as well. It would be nice to be able to adjust the gravity by using a physics volume. Apparently you can adjust player gravity, but I want to affect the world gravity for all physics objects inside the volume. Also being able to SET the world settings at runtime would be nice.