How do I Rotate components by joystick input at different rotation rates?


Both methods haven’t resolved the “snap back” issue, unless I’m doing it wrong :confused:

No Im sure your not doing it wrong. try your latest blueprint out this weekend and see if I stumble across something. I’m going crazy with mine right now too.


I think I have something. This took care of the snapping back:
After (RotateVectorAroundAxis) I used a (select vector B) to choose the forward vector of the actor (A), (IF) the input X (AND) Y axis (~=) 0.

I’ll post a screenshot after I get home.

That’s great to hear. I’m still stuck on my roll limits. It’s really the only thing I want to do. Working off local and actor. Why it’s trying to force me to the pitch and yaw that won’t be affected at all is beyond me. I tried vectors the other day and the dragon wouldn’t budge. I know my way will work. Just have to figure out how. What you did does make sense though as far as vectors go. Can you do a full 360 degrees if you want?

Yes I can go full 360 with the rotation, the only limitation is that I can’t control the speed. It’s instantaneous (which IS what I wanted) but I want the option to slow it down if I choose, like how rotation rate works for the character movement component.

here is the BP so far:

you need to create a speed variable via float. look at my image. Try it between your get control rotation and break rotation. Create a two variables using the float variable. It works fine for my dragon.

oh if that doesnt work move it over to your rotation from Xvector

my question for you is do you need a control blueprint to get control rotation?

I’ve hooked up the speed variable/turn to various parts and got some strange results:

Speed set to = 540
Turn set to = 90

Between get control rotation and break rotation: It makes the targeter “orbit” the character???
After Rotation from XVector: Same thing, it orbits the character???

I’m not sure I know what you mean?

it shouldn’t orbit the character it should allow you to change the speed. That’s weird. I can use it on either of my inputs. You can try negative positive but I think you need to do it the way I did it. Maybe someone else would know. Ignore the controller rotation. You can also try a rotator variable but I doubt that would work. You did both the multiplication and the division right? They should cancel each other out. Also by orbit do you mean it just goes in circles and you lose control of it?