How do I package a project?

How does one deploy a build of a project to share with friends? How can I easily create an .exe or a .app that can run on anyones computer? On OSX I do not even have an option for packaging for Windows. When I cook and then package for Mac, I dont think it creates an .app
I am posting because I have found no helpful documentation on such a simple topic.

Take a look at this page here. Probably it will help you: Packaging Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation

I have read through that before posting here. I can package, but I am clueless as to what packaging actually does, because as far as I can tell, It does not create an .exe or .app

Here are the basic steps how you package something:

  1. Open the launcher with admin rights → that’s pretty important, because otherwise you wont be able to package something (in my case it was like that ^^)
  2. In the project go to file - Package Project - Build Configeration - Shipping
  3. Now click onto e.g Windows (so the device which you want to package for)
  4. now wait until it has finished
  5. go to to the folder that was created by the packager
  6. under Binaries - Win32 you will find the .exe (I think this will differ a little bit when you use a mac ^^)

What does the packager:

"Packaging ensures that all code and content is up to date and in the proper format to run on the desired target platform.

A number of steps will be performed during the packaging process. When a project has custom source code, this code will first be compiled. Then all required content needs to be converted into a format that can be used by the target platform (so called content cooking). After that, compiled code and cooked content will be bundled up into a distributable set of files, such as an installer for Windows. "

Thank you for your reply. I have got it sort of working, which is fine for now but I have one more question.
On OSX, which I am currently running this, why can I not package for windows?

I think that’s the same with windows → I can’t package for a mac :frowning:

Hello ibayibay,

Currently Mac can only package for OSX and iOS while Windows can only package for Windows and Android. When packaging for Windows, the user can only compile with VS2013. Hope that clarifies things!

-Max B.

Thank you for your reply. I hope this is one of your urgent updates to your engine, that is allowing compiling for a different OS than the native one. This has been the biggest drawback so far to me in unreal and I consider the engine incomplete until this feature is added. I am unable to ship a game in as it is now. I have unsubscribed from unreal engine, and I plan to resubscribe once this feature is added. Thank you for your consideration.

Use this guide to package and distribute your project: