How do I open a streaming level by default when I open the editor?

I’m working with a large zone that has many sub levels making up the whole. I’ve noticed though that every time I start the editor it always defaults to the persistent level rather than the one I was working on. Is there a way to default it to the last current level instead?

I already know how to change the default start up map. I would like to change the default current level from persistent level to the one I’ve been working on. If this can’t be done currently, I would like to request that this gets added in the future.

Hey awilliams1701,

The editor will always start with the map you have saved as the Editor Startup Map, which you can change under Edit > Project Settings > Maps & Modes. Be aware that this will only load that level, however, and you won’t be able to make any adjustments to the Persistent Level or any other sub-levels while in that map.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

Ah, I think I see. So you’re loading your map and the Persistent level is always the Current level, and you’d like it to remember which level was Current in the Levels pane when you last saved? That’s not currently possible, but I can enter a feature request for you if that’s what you mean.

That’s it exactly. I can’t tell you how many times I put stuff in the persistent level by mistake.

Okay great, I entered a feature request in our system for the developers to consider. Thanks for the feedback!

Is this feature implemented in 4.8? I find this feature would help save some time when you have many sub levels and always have a need to restart the editor

Not yet. I’ve bumped up the community interest in the request (UE-1051), and I’ll post here if it ever gets implemented.

I’d like to add my voice to the community interest for this feature (assuming it hasn’t been implemented yet).