How do I make my ThirdPersion blueprint from stop falling?

Is it possible to make my third person blueprint flying around instead of falling if I go outside of the surface.


I think there are a few ways to do this depending on what you want, which is not a 100 percent clear.
If you want your character to walk on an invisible floor beyond the visible one, the simplest way to do it is to add another floor, scale it up and set it to invisible under the rendering options. This will work well enough if your level has boundaries (walls that block your character from going any further).

If you want the invisible floor to continue into infinity, you can set your character’s default land ‘movement mode’ (under the CharacterMovement settings) to ‘Flying’. However this will change the way your character moves and make you unable to jump, so you can do a line trace to only set the ‘movement mode’ to ‘Flying’ when there is no floor.
Putting this in your character blueprint should work (except for when jumping off of the surface):

(the ‘Floor Height’ is a custom float variable with the value set to the z value of your character capsule component’s location when its on the floor)

You could also try to make a custom movement mode if you want other behavior:

Thank you Nacconotnacho,

Apologies for sending out a not very clear question. Let me rephrase it again.

When there is no blueprint assigned, I am still able to move around in my game.
I need exactly the same control with slight modification.
For example, I want to disable space and control to move up and down…

I had tried to create a Character_BP thinking that might be the way to go…Looks like I was on a wrong path.
Please suggest me a way to fix my problem.

Thank you so much for putting effort in explaining.

I don’t know if you’ve solved your problem yet, but here’s an answer anyway for whoever bumps into the same problem:

You can set your input mappings in your project settings

If you want character behavior that’s different from the default ThirdPersion character beyond changing some CharacterMovement settings, you’ll probably need to either edit the ThirdPersion character blueprint or create your own character blueprint. Here’s a good tutorial to get you started, but there are plenty of introductory tutorials to character blueprints.