How do I include object and library files that were built in qt?

I’ve built a network protocol into .o/.a, .lib and .dll libraries.

How can I include these into my game?

#Linking Libraries Wiki

Check this out as a starting point to get you going in right directon.

Also search this answer hub more vigorously as I’ve seen other posts related to this

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wiki link

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Here got tutorial:

But why you didn’t code that around Unreal APIs?

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Because I’m new to Unreal and am unfamiliar with the capabilities of the APIs and because the documentation is in a state of disarray.


I always search through the docs and answer hub before posting questions. The search results, while being partially related, weren’t direct answers.

To give an understanding of what I’m up to:
I need to have Unreal listen to a server with user-defined IP and port number, and then parse the XML data.

This article doesn’t address how to link pre-built libs that were created in a different environment. Is there no way to include the .o/.a files into an Unreal Project?