How do I fade a Matinee in and out?

I have a matinee setup at the beginning of each level in the game were creating. How do I fade the matinee in from a black screen? I’m sure it’s simple I just have no idea how. I heard it has something to do with a fade track but I have no idea how to function it past that.

Thank you greatly!!

Jacky, can you possibly tell me why My fade in is instant?? It doesn’t slowly fade in it just…immediately cuts from black to the game…

Its an intro movie basically…I have the matinee setup with a camera track and a Director track, I made the fade track in the director track…and i guess im supposed to just…adjust the curve?? Is there something else Im not understanding??.

Create a key at frame 1 for the fade track, and set it’s value to 1(which must be black as far as i can remember.) Then create another key at frame 30(or however long you want the fade to last) and set its value to 0. That’s all you need to do for an intro fade-in.

I’ll try this. thank you greatly. you’tr always a great help.