How do I create camera toggles, double jump, ragdoll and melee attacks for my character?

those four quickshot vids are awesome… id love to see more

heres some random examples id love to see.

  • toggling locked/free thirdperson
    camera (locked is always looking over
  • melee attacks
  • double jump
  • triggering ragdoll

post stuff youd want to see!

I can possibly help with one of those items. Here is another answers thread on Double Jumping.


To answer the another part of your question, here is how to trigger ragdoll:

Camera toggle:

As for melee combat, could you please describe in more detail the type of combat you would like? There are a lot of amazing resources on the Wiki, the Forums and the AnswerHub. Please let me know how I can further assist.


Thanks guys, those links rock!

i ended up making melee combat work last night, and i meant the basis of melee was what i was looking for…like setup a collider attached to a socket(in the skeletal mesh), mouse click (in the character class) triggers a animation (in the animblueprint), do event beginoverlap (in the skeletal mesh) that deals damage, and a seperate killable class with a custom receive damage that destroys the actor and spawns an explosion effect (like the quickshot projectile video)

im thinking of making a youtube video of it now… but i should community check it for efficacy

But its the videos is what i would really want, and i figure others would too.



I’d love to see what you came up with for Melee I am trying to figure that out now.

Hey Jenovah (awesome name by the way)

For my melee i did the following in the thirdperson example game

added a spherecollider and parented it to a socket (the wrist) of a custom mesh and brought in a swing animation

on leftclick i set a bool variable in “myCharacter” class to true.

in the animgraph of the animblueprint tied to that character (you have to double click the animblueprint in the content browser to see it) the anim graph on the surface looks like only two nodes, but in fact has some crazy sauce inside it.

double click it to go in and i duplicated the jump anim one, changed its transition thingy, which also has stuff inside, and made it look at my variable [[which for some reason i couldnt get it to see that bool on my character so i had to make another bool that was attached to the animblueprint that simply was the same as the one on the character, which im positive is a bad way]]

once it was actually playing the animation i added a onbeginoverlap to the character class, that dealt damage to the hit actor.

then made a recieve damage in the enemy (in this case a duplicate of this character with the exception of a new animblueprint) once their health(custom variable) reached zero destroy actor.

its been working for awhile, but its buggy. im thinking of contributing to the wiki to see what a better way would be.

Here is doulbe jump [Part 20]-Aiming! Double Jump and more!- How to make an advanced FPS game - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube