How do I create a REAL glow?

Hello Guys.
I need to create a real glow.
An emissive material produces a glow, but this works only if the object is visible on screen. Even if the glow is huge, if the objects that emits it doesn’t appear on screen the glow completely disappears in a very innatural way. So I need to generate a glow that is visible even the object is out of the screen or behind something else like it should normally be.
Is it possible? How? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Thank you for your answer Sardorian!
What do you mean exactly? The only way I know for a light to generate a glow is to use fog.
It is what are you suggesting?

you can add a point light and change the color to whatever you want the emmissive color to be

Hello Viceversa
A point light doesn’t generate the glow effect, just light. I need an halo even if the object is hidden or out of screen.
So how could a point light could help?
Using a point light with volumetric fog could generate the same effect, but fog cover the background so I can’t consider it a solution
I attach an example. There are two point lights. One is out of screen and the other one is behind the cube but they generate an halo. This is what I wanto to achieve because with emissive material doesn’t work in this way
I used fog to obtain this effect, but like I said it can’t be an option.

Have you looked into light propagation volume?

Where is this option? In the light parameters? I can’t find it even searching
thank you

Ok, now I look at it. Sounds a bit complicate.
I let you know if there are other problem and if I can achieve what I have in mind.

thank you for your answers!

how about changing your bloom settings in postprocess

Unless I have miss something in bloom settings, I can just change color, size, convolutional etc. But It doesn’t change the principle that if the object is hidden no bloom is generated

you mix it with a point light. it may or may not work just an idea to try