How do I change the default controller rotation limits?

If anyone can definitely pitch more than 180 with “Add controller pitch input” on the Thirdperson template it would be very interesting as to exactly how. That function has strong multiplayer code - unlike Flyingpawn.

Based on this thread I tried this custom player controller on the Thirdperson template but still only pitches 180 for me. You also need to set these on the (empty graph) test character: “default land mode” to “flying”, “gravity scale” to “0” and “rotation rate” boxes to 100/100/100.

Hi, I am looking for a method like yours.

I want to limit yaw between 135 to -135. I had tried “view yaw max and view yaw min”, but it only work for world rotation.

  1. Did your limit yaw method work for character?

  2. If so, “do the rotation in custom player controller event graph”, you mean mouse input like “input axis”? Or there has others “rotation stuffs”?

  3. Does any other detail setting I should care and set?

Your method might be able to help me deal with the problem, it would be nice to get suggestion from you, thanks.

Hi, about “move your entire rotation script to custom playercontroller event graph”, dose anything setting need to set? I had take my rotation stuff into custom playercontroller event graph, but still only limit yaw in world rotation.

2020 still works fine but better is you set the limit only once on begin play

2022 and I think is the best option. No constant calls, no frame checks.