How do I animate an object in matinee & blueprints?


Is there any way to do animation like the legacy system in Unity? Like, literally the only thing you gotta do in Unity is having the animation component attached (with clips), get a reference to it, and call Play(theanimationclip) on it. I really loved that, and I really hope this is possible in Unreal.

If it is possible, could anyone explain how to do it in blueprints? :slight_smile:

Hi Wrekk,

You can either using our Matinee Animation Tool or use Blueprints to drive animation. We have tons of documentation that you can reference for this. Also take a look through the Content Examples that you can download from the Launcher to see some of this in action.

Here is info on using our Matinee Animation Tool:

And here is some info on using Blueprints to drive object movement:

Another great place to start is our Wiki tutorials.

I hope it helps, TJ

I’ll take a look at that, thanks. :slight_smile: