How can I test Steam integration?

Hi, I want to make a game with Diablo 3 like multiplayer. You can form matchmaking groups and, minimal version, invite friends to current game.
So, I have questions:

  1. Can I use my own Steam account for testing? Wouldn’t it be considered scam or using of some unrecognized software?
  2. Do I need to reister my game in some testing program? Kinda like on Facebook?
  3. Will I be able to give copy to my friend and play with him trough Steam with earliest builds?
  1. You can use Steam for testing your game online and also in order to test the Steam integration.
    “The SteamDevAppId of 480 is Valve’s test app id, shared by everyone. You will need your own app id eventually, but most features of Steam should work before then.” Source:
  2. No, you just enter the test app id and it works (if you have set up everything correctly).
  3. Yes

Only be careful when you use older tutorials since some details on how to integrate Steam as OnlineSubSystem have changed over the last few engine versions.

Thanks for answering this one Syrill. Just to add on, you can find a nice write up of how to get Steam set up in your project in the wiki page linked below:

Have a great day