How can i set up a progress bar for my character and then use it as a power coldown?

hi guys whats up i am struggling to make a progress bar and bind it to a power i mean when i consume that power by hitting it how can i make my progress bar have a timer so you can use for instance a magnet with a limited time and then animate that progress in the Hud with the progress bar if any one could help that would be appreciated

Hello xshouter,

This tutorial series should be able to show you how to do what you’re looking for and more when it comes to UMG and Progress Bars.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

woww thx alot man for helping what i was talking about was that tut Endless Runner i think you watched it he added in the final result a magnet pickup and bind it to the Hud dont know how he did this tried but dont know how