How can I make an open world map

How can I make an open world map using ue4

Here’s one way: I Made a GTA V Clone in 24 hours - YouTube

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But what I need is a open world like in MINECRAFT

@jwatte you are engine contributor right ? , Do you know when will UE5 will be released
and what kind of updates does it have

@midgunner66 thanks bro
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Anyone in a position to know, is under NDA.
That being said, it doesn’t matter; everything you need is in 4.26 and it will update fine to 5.0.

What kind of updates

The legend says that a project made in UE4 can be converted to be working in UE5…

Do note that before UE5, there’s going to be UE4 4.27 & 4.28 at least. For all we know there may be half a dozen of updates to the current engine in the pipeline and UE5 might as well be a year away (or more).

If you were hoping for a Make Open World button, there’s not going to be one. You’ll still need that elbow grease.

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Yeah I wasn’t hoping for button like that but i was hoping a button called ADD UNDERWATER FOLIAGE and a BP called dynamic weather :expressionless: :no_mouth: :expressionless: :no_mouth:

Thanks for everybody’s support and i found really cool plugin that can literally create a world. This is plugin “Cesium for Unreal”
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BTW I literary am hoping for underwater foliage and Weather

And can somebody also help me for this too

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