How can I get started with UE4 for a college course?

I’m currently using Mastering Unreal Technology for Unreal Engine 3 for my introductory course. I am curious if anyone can recommend jumping up to UDK 4 and if so, what book should I use for my course.


We have not created any official books on UE4 yet, but and (the people who wrote the Mastering Unreal series) wrote our official online documentation. The following link will take you to their “Getting Started” guide:

We also provide a large assortment of tutorials at these locations:




I hope that this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.



I’m following up on this question.
I have used Mastering Unreal Technology for Unreal Engine 3 for my introductory course.
The pros: Book comes with a great linear tutorial and a license for Unreal Engine 3 setup for Death Match.
The cons: Unreal Three is dependant on Steam and is a old and maybe obsolete version of the engine.

I would like to move to U4, but the subscription price for my students may be prohibitive and I can’t find a book like Mastering Unreal Technology for Unreal Engine 4.

What are my alternatives?

I just found an FAQ on installing one subscription on multiple school computers. Häufig gestellte Fragen - Unreal Engine
This would address the cost issue for the students and the school. What’s not clear from the FAQ is what needs to be done to make this installation happen?

Perhaps I may be able to shed some light on this subject, as I’ve seen a single client OS/software mass installed on multiple PC’s in university’s and schools many times.
As for the allowing students to log into the launcher at the same time, I’m assuming you should contact Unreal Support directly, and they will flag your account as a education subscription, or something similar.
Then, all you have to do is transfer the Unreal Install folder(Install The launcher and engine first, then copy and paste the folder with all said files) to either a flash drive,Or transfer the files to a network hard-drive. Copy all files to each computer. Presto, mass access to the engine for class.

Hi djindepth,

Your dean, instructor or other school official would need to contact us to set up the educational license. Then you would be able to use it at your school/university. It is a quick process, just have them fill out this page:

Then we will have their information and be able to further assist.

Ok. FYI: Your support department responded with a simpler less formal action plan.

Also, that licensing link doesn’t address an academic situation as far as I can tell. It looks to be commercial.

It will send the information to the developer relations department, who would be the people to contact for setting up an Educational License. We have just recently finalized the educational package, so we will be setting up an education specific form to fill out soon. I’m happy to hear that you have already been contacted, please let me know if you encounter any problems along the way and I will be happy to further assist you.

Thank you. Will someone contact me when that Educational License becomes available?

We will have a direct correspondence with the faculty/staff that apply. It will be whoever contacts us about the Education License that will get all information and they can then decide to announce.