How can I create a door that will open and close when a key is pressed?

How do you create a normal door that will open when you press a key and close when you press it again? (on both sides) I only see sliding doors in the tutorials.

Set Pivot point of the door mesh to the extreme end > Use timeline to change door rotation on key press.

Hey Angelocracy

If you look at content examples, search for button, under game (input examples), in the content browser. Open the button BP. You could adapt that and use with sliding door or any other type of door- use the button (and rescale it), in place of the trigger volume…

Hope that helps!

Youtube: How to make a Normal Door in Unreal 4 with BluePrints

Can you show possibly a blueprint on that?

Thank you, I will try that.

Dosen’t work for me. I watched this video: - YouTube

Which, is an update video of the normal door. It doesn’t make sense though. There is no reverse animation…

You could make the door components part of the button BP. You’ve probably seen this, but in case you havent, its a really good resource;