Hot-reload Re-instancing prints a warning and sometimes loses instance data 4.13P3

Following the repro steps provided, I did receive a crash on play however the callstack did not match the callstack you mentioned previously. I have added a note to the original bug based on the information you’ve provided.

I have the same problem since upgrading to 4.20. (Same as EddyTheTank above)

I have this exact same problem.

Furthermore, the component that causes this crash simply will not save instance data.

Me too. It might also be related to Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-64076)
Someone at Epic currently takes a look as I have send him a project that reproduces the issue. So far no success in finding a solution.

Are you able to reproduce the issue in a standalone project and could you send it over? I will forward it to Epic in this case.

No, it started up after I separated my game code into separate gameplay and editor modules. I believe it’s related to stale copies of class objects sticking around through incomplete module unload. Specifically, I think it’s game module classes referenced from editor classes.

Yep, it fails to reload the module. What UE versions does this occur for you? Sending the project to Epic with steps to reproduce will increase the chance of it being fixed.

How are you coming along with this issue?

Hi there, I’m having a similar issue. I think it’s exactly this issue. I can’t find a workaround to this so our hotreload is not currently working. Seems pretty drastic to me, please vote on that issue if you can :slight_smile:

Please file a bug report to Epic so they become aware of it. Make sure to include steps to reproduce and a sample project, that will increase the chance of getting fixed. Report a Bug - Unreal Engine