Home Interior + Oculus VR

Nice scene. I think the mirrors have a bit too much distortion though. In regards to the SDE from the Rift, it should be minimized with CV1, though I’ve heard it was still there. On bright scenes like this, as you mentioned, it would be more pronounced. Ideally we need 2x 8k panel screens…

@SaviorNT : Yup, had lot of problem with mirror. Lets hope when the CV comes out it will be worth all the waiting.

I made a small 360 video. I used following method 360 StereoPano Export Method - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

The quality seems to be lost and we can notice the stitching of images. One more observation, before uploading to youtube, video seems to be of good quality(spherical video prior to stitching) but once it’s uploaded quality seems to be lost.

Following is the link. It’s better viewed at 4K resolution

This is something that i created with photogrametry.

in this img you could see a little displacement.

i archived 75fps and 9-13ms in UE ( with oculus )