High score system for racing game

Hi guys & gals!

I am trying to implement a highscore system for my car racing game these days and manage to store player data in a struct variable when the player has crossed the finish line. In this struct variable I store “Player Name”, “Player Email” and “Lap Time” and save this data in a struct array inside a savegame blueprint. This seems to work pretty well, but now I also need a scoreboard for the top 10 players & can`t get my head around how to fetch data from the savefile and use that in a highscore widget. I know how to fetch data from the struct array in the savefile, but how can i then sort data by “best lap time” and put the best time in the correct order in the leaderboard etc.?

Really stuck here, so all help is very appreciated!


Hello brokenpoly,

This tutorial helped me when I first started working with systems such as this. It should cover everything you’re trying to do. Please let me know if you have any questions about the setup.

Note: While Wes begins talking about the save game mechanics further into the tutorial, I would suggest watching the entire thing and following along as it would be easier to understand if you’re already familiar with how the rest of the project is set up.