Hey there m8s im new to unreal engine and could use some help :)

It is my lifelong dream to become a game dev.And when unreal engine 4 went free,i felt that now is the time to stop dreaming and start working for it.

But,i don’t know anything about ue4 and have no prior experience with anything related to game development.

So,can you guys tell me what skills i need for becoming one?

Also,the ue4 tutorials have stuff like “Beginner guide for level designer,Beginner guide for artists,etc” but i’m absolutely zero!!

So can anyone recommend a tutorial video series/pdf series/anything for dumb scrubs like me??

You need to figure out a project to do, and then learn as you work through it. Without a project it’s very easy to forget what you learn from tutorials because you don’t put the knowledge to work.

Well all the tools and stuff seem daunting and i dont know how to use them.

Any tips?

Should i just start a blank project and fiddle around the menu??

It also depends on what you would like to do → e.g do you want to be a level designer, 3d artist, gameplay programmer,… :slight_smile:

Good ressources are:

Also make sure to watch this video first -> Intro to the UE4 Editor (pre. v4.7) - YouTube

Thnx man :slight_smile:

Just think about your game and directly jump right into the development. So choose one of the templates and think about the first thing that you want to create -> when you want to do the gameplay first, just watch a basic blueprint tutorial and then try to create what you want. When you have any problems, you can always ask a question here in the forum -> we are always here to help :slight_smile:

in addition to what darthviper and fighter said I would highly recommend downloading the example content and games, you can see how things are done and learn a lot from them:).

Thnx again guys

First port of call: find a video that teaches you the UI. Don’t start watching videos that assume you’re already familiar with the editor until you have got to grips with the interface. There are plenty out there, just make sure you learn the terminology and where things are first before you jump in to making something. Less annoying that way.

My personal recommendation would be to focus on one thing at a time, don’t try to learn 3 things at once. If you jump from one thing to another then you will encounter frustration and possibly become discouraged, as every time you start to make progress in one area and things begin to click, you’ll jump to something new and suddenly you’re back to square one. It can also become easy to start forgetting the stuff you’ve just learned because you’ve not given it time to properly sink in.

I recommend you try a few things, find one you enjoy and stick with it until you feel you understand it well. It could be level making, modelling, blueprints, C++ code or creating materials, but try to focus your attention where possible. Don’t aim to be a master at everything, as few people are truly all-rounders. Most people have certain areas they excel in, and then they learn other skills for variety or to fill knowledge gaps if they’re working alone or in a small team. Of course, there’s no limit to what you can learn, so over time you can develop a deep and broad knowledge of game development, but don’t try to do it all in one go :slight_smile:

Take a week or so to play around with the engine.
Then, that weekend, create a rough game with it.

~ Jason

Very good advice m9

I was eager to start off but due to some work that had to be done in my house,i had to live without internet :frowning:

But now that everything is back to normal,this will save lots of time.