Helping creating an interactive assembling machine

Sorry for the delay. I had some IRL problems. Anyway, In order to set as children, I just drag the actor beneath the other in the world settings. But when I play the game, almost all children lost its parents. Probably something in the code?

I am having a different problem that I cant seem to know how to fix it…After I attach a component in a parent, the sweep from move actor location stop working for the parent. Everything overlaps it and only block when something hit the child (the attached component). I want the opposite to occur, the sweep/block occurs when something hit the parents and not the child. Look how I am attaching the components in the screenshot.

I just realized that all my objects are using static mesh as root component. That could be the issue of the attaching? Should I remake the BP in order to use a scene component as root?

It seems that I fixed the problem with the sweep! I disable the collision of the mesh of the child. I wanted to do that before but I was doing it wrong. =)

I cant understand this one. For me, it looks that randomly it detach some actors meanwhile others never detach. I cant find the relation… Any ideas? I just attach in the world outliner and then after running the game a few times, it is not attached anymore…

I may have fixed it by changing all components to just static mesh instead of BP. I did not have the need to use it as BP…

Greetings, so far all good. I have one question. At the moment, when I hold click in the actor (collision component) I can move it around. How can I change so I can only move around if I click in the mesh of the actor and not in the collision component? When I have many actors close together, the collision overlap and I cant move any of them because of physics and so on. I want to have an accurate click and move.

Why when I package my game to windows, I cant move my objects anymore?

Fixed by setting the tag by myself instead doing in BP. The game is almost done, thank you Arlyn!