Help with time line!

Screenshot (21).jpg Is there a way to have the box move from its new x axis direction? I want it to move and rotate on button click, then play the same motion from the box’s new orientation when I click again. Essentially if you keep hitting the button it would move in a circle. Whats happening is the box just plays the same motion and moving on the worlds axis, not its own.

I am not sure of your whole movement but if you rotate actor in desired new position on finished output it would be ok. (maybe you’ll have to rotate back component too, i haven’t try and depending if your actor is moved or not, move it too to its new start location on finished output too)

Not sure about you suggestion? Does the timeline only use the worlds axis to calculate its movement? If someone can make my exact BP, or as close as possible, and see if you can get it to do what im trying to accomplish.

So you are setting your new Location after the last one is complete then running a loop?

Here is a quick setting :

I move a static mesh with a relative movement (not a world one) in a blueprint with a box as root (which is the element the mesh will move around) At the end of the movement, i move the root box at the mesh location and rotate it and i reset mesh location.

I set a p event in level blueprint to activate each different rotation.

Edit : You can do a relative movement with the box as center and the mesh turning around too. At the end of movement, you do the same : rotate the box and set mesh position bts or use variables to set starting loc and rot of mesh if you want. Even you can rotate only the root and set mesh at distance, cool for a perfect circle.

How are you getting the"Target is bp1_c StaticMesh1" in the relative location? All I get is"Target is Scene Component" and i wants me to hook something up there. The pic is the movement I’m looking for. If there is a different option to get this show me please!4ac5f6ecb8772ff2327a0c6542b3908b2d28e0a4.jpeg

Oh yes, this 4.6 new node, but you have the same result by using set relative location (target is scene component) and link your mesh as input. And your picture is what you’ll have with this setting.

Edit : One thing not done in example is to lock event “p” to not have it activated before end of move.

YOUR THE MAN!!! I’ve been trying different ways and nothing was working.

Thank you ^^ Happy that helped you.