Help to improve our Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers document

Exactly. We both have just moved from the Unity world and we have similar feelings. We understand UE4 is different from Unity and no problem with learning interface, navigation, what Actor or blueprint is, etc. The true problem is to write any logic. I have refreshed my C++ knowledge and am trying to use it with UE4. I admit it’s hard to start writing C++ scripts. I have just found the useful links:

I read only C++ parts because it is the only thing I need to learn. I can say that it’s a very good introduction. I hope I will read a couple of times and I will understand how to write C++ scripts in UE4. However, even now I can say that it would be great to have more such examples, especially I think it would be useful to take the default C++ files (generated during creating C++ project) and line by line explain all. I know C++ but I was even unable to get the cursor appear at runtime. I got help on this forum. It’s a simple thing but I was unable to do that.

Again, Unity developers are used to coding, so the visual scripting isn’t a solution.

@xpectral Please read:

After a hot discussion, some my propositions were accepted by Epic Team. I hope soon we will see some features to switch on/off not to make difficulties for traditional UE4 users.

Thank you.

I’d highly recommend starting with blueprints first and then converting to code after (if you need to)… There are many reasons to do so, firstly because a lot of the tutorials seem BP orientated, a lot of the component systems are quite similar (Animation BP, AI Behaviour trees) and it’s easier to adapt to the API if you understand the flow in front of you.

Which in turn can make conversion to C++ much easier when you understand it in a more “pseudo format”.

For me the most difficult transition is general things like getting used to a new API, the “Spawn System”, how the UI / particle system works and general terminology. I still today keep looking for “raycast” :).

I’m professionally don’t use Unity, but i read Unity forums and other sites where compering engines, so want to ask— why any of you guys don’t ask anything about 2d in general(good performance in low end mobile, smooth sprite animation(for character move for example), small build sizes)? 2d is a one main feature Of Unity(for me), Ue4 for now don’t have normal 2d unfortunately.

I asked if there’s something like New UI in Unity 5.0, but I’m still not sure. I’m not personally interested in mobile development. I think Unity is probably better for mobile, but it can be changed in the future.

You are right.