[Help] Save Widget Data?

Im working on an infinite runner for android and I cant seem to get the store working properly…
You can buy the upgrades and it takes the coins as it should (and the info is saved) and when the purchase completes, the button gets disabled… But, if you exit the store and re enter, (or close the game) you can re purchase the upgrade even though you already have it… How can I save that info?
Thanks for the help…

Hi @LeddaqPony
Your info should be saved in a “persistent place”

You can put these variables in the game instance, and they will not reset until you restart the game,
you can put these variables in a savegame , and they will be there also for the next start of the game.

Hi @Est_engine, thanks for the reply
yes, I tried using the same process as when I saved the info for the coins and the gems. But it didnt work… I dont know how to save the info on buttons pressed