Help getting started

Hey everyone. Sorry if this is a bad question, but where should I start learning the Unreal Engine? I’m never really done programming with 3D so right now this whole thing is a bit overwhelming. I do have a bit of experience with C++ but no experience with any 3D modelling programs. Anyone know what I can do to get started with this engine and eventually build from there?

No such thing as a bad question. =) This link should help you get started. Click Here

Oh, I didn’t know there was such a page. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Also, once I get the basics down, where should I look to to start building up for skills?

The documentation expands beyond the getting started phase, and there are many tutorials on the official Unreal Engine youtube channel, here and the community tutorials section here. Good luck!

It depends on what exactly you want to do → 3d artist, technical artist, programmer,… :slight_smile:

But take a look at those links:

ohhh, thanks everyone :smiley: