[HELP] Editor UI appears too big to work with

If this is the wrong subforum to post this in then srry!
As you can see the editor starts out being pretty unusable and i can’t figure out why everything appears so big.
I have Unreal 4.18 and I run it on a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.3.
My display is 1980x1080 and I have nvidia-384 (also tried 387 but that made no difference).

This is a first for me so any help is appreciated.


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@MNEJVoorhees , were you able to fix the problem? I am using Manjaro Linux and everything in UI is so big too.

Right after posting upper comment, I found the solution.
Window > Developer Tools > Widget Reflector and set “Application Scale” to 0.7
Source: High resolution display support for editor - #2 by Tim_Hobson