Has anyone ever got VSCode working with UE4? (including intellisense)

Yes, it dirty, but the bug is old and still didn’t fixed. This looks like some path was hardcoded or parsed wrongly, and author had UE4 distribution on his D drive.
These are junction links, they can be on different drives without performance overhead. I think you can do something like virtual drive (with .iso image) or even USB.

Yes, sure. I realize it’d probably end up working, but at this point, the amount of chores and maintenance one has to do in order to be able to use VSCode with UE4 comfortably is so large it outweighs the benefits of using VSCode in place of VS2019. For all its clunkyness and bloat, VS2019 more or less works out of the box. I tend to jump between the projects a bit and often make new ones to play with, so going through a large bulletpoint list of manual fixes before I can even start working with the engine is just not worth it.

It’s a shame thought because outside UE4, for everything else, I consider VSCode superior to VS2019.

I really wish Epic and MS would come together in order to produce some acceptable VSCode+UE experience, in the same way VS2019 works. So we could literally just click “Generate VSCode Project Files” menu entry, and that would be it. We could just start enjoying the engine :slight_smile:

I’m almost done with a VSCode extension that will fix all 4.26 Intellisense bugs. I’ll release it and then update it to fix 4.25 bugs as well. It works and I’m almost done. I’m just in the clean up and additional testing phase.

You can also check out my Intellisense guide here with 3 ways to fix 4.25 and how to fix 4.26.…46ee20315acf96

I went through pretty much every fix there, but while it partially fixes intellisense, it won’t fix the issues where the breakpoint trigger won’t find the engine source file :confused:

Yeah I tried figuring that out but gave up. I think I just did the old comment out code and uncomment little by little debug method. I didn’t want to mess with symbolic links.

Yes, while doable, at that point using VSCode with UE4 actually wastes you more time than it saves you compared to VS2019. VSCode is overall quite a bit smoother experience, but that doesn’t really matter if once you get into the weeds of it, you have to do slow and ugly debugging workarounds like the one you’ve mentioned. :confused:

Disagree. For example, take VS2019’s search functionality. It will take much more of your time by regularily breaking your flow state. VS Code search is so fast and convenient that it actually replaced intellisense for me. I press F12 (go to symbol) on the symbol I want and if I didn’t get instant response (that means intellisense has failed it’s task), I select the word, press ctrl+shift+f (search in all files) and read function signature I need at left panel.

They are not dangerous at all

I’ve released my VSCode extension: UE4 Intellisense Fixes( for v4.26 currently):…54cac68672f305

It’s beta so let me know if you find any bugs! Make sure to remove any previous fixes and reset your project before trying it.

Now supports 4.25 and 4.26.…54cac68672f305…54cac68672f305

v1.0.0 Here’s the stuff it fixes:


Fixes invalid paths in compile command’s response file.

Adds missing source/headers to compile command’s file.

Fixes UE4 workspace’s Tag Parser includes to increase performance.

Fix for wrong cppStandard and to not pollute global user setting.

Optional fix: Removes project specific references from UE4 workspace and add general Intellisense to UE4 source code.


Fixes no defines.

Fix for wrong cppStandard and to not pollute global user setting.

Fixes UE4 workspace’s Tag Parser includes to increase performance.

This is almost a total rewrite using classes so any updates should be quicker.

Awesome! So, does intellisense work reliably and without delays now? Is errors highlighting working now?

I’m trying out Rider for a few weeks, code inspection works flawlessly, and instant error highlighting boosts my speed a little. But actual code editor sucks so much!! I can’t stand it. Would be so good to have full intellisense functionality in VS Code too. I think I’ll break in about two days and return to vs code to try your fix.

Inside functions, of source files, it’s pretty quick. Intellisense in header files is still slow and unusable. This is with VSCode and the latest Visual Studio Build tools. Not sure about Clang.

Hopefully Rider has good Indie developer pricing when it comes out for purchase. Seems pretty cool!

I think there is a very simple solution:

Just add "compilerPath" to configs in c_cpp_properties.json