Hard time finding the engine for your needs.

Yes that’s the easy part, but what do you do when You need to for example, create a new zone ( can’t work on too huge a world in a given application), thereby adding onto zone 1 already inside world browser…Does this mean waiting until said feature is in place or am I missing something here, easy to accomplish ? :wink: Short of having a editor that can stream, I can’t imagine how you could make one zone, and keep going and not worrying about ‘seams’ :wink:

But yes, I can create a large world and separate in wm > UE4 > world browser, but after that…short of ‘transporting’ to unique areas …ie: ‘large’ doesn’t go far, when you are talking ‘mmo’ ;)…ever seen the scale map for wow ? ( yes, I know, naïve to think a ‘few’ people could do that,), but anyway…my goals don’t have to be down to earth, my ideals are what matter , and you never know, if you don’t try , right ? :wink: ( things change…) < that, is where my head is going…NOT the same kind of world, nor even the same kind of Gameplay…vastly different…not a copycat…very different. Anyway, now you know why I’m asking such questions, of scale and being able to create vast zones and make them all ‘connect’ visually…all without running out of ram in the process…I imagine they use some kind of streaming editor , and just choose whatever zone:chunk they want to work on . I realize UE4 isn’t that kind of engine, but anyway I felt it couldn’t hurt to ask. I know ‘mmo’ engines exist already to go, but I really wanted to give UE4 a go as rates were reasonable and faik,‘someone’ is doing a mmo…I just do not recall its scale. Those ‘mmo’ engines never speak of scale anyway ( sufficiently, that I"ve seen), so I’m cautious about them . I’ve seen what Ue4 can do, and I wanted to stick with this and somehow make this mmo idea of mine work. Without the ‘framework’ to do it all, its pointless though , other than as I said, using ‘transport’ zones which help lose immersion :wink:

Anyway as I recall, 16sq km is the max atm , so I’d have to break ‘zones’ apart into that anyway .

There’s ways to do it but it’s not going to be a simple trick. You should also consider if that’s a good idea to get into something that complex, you really can’t do a big open world map or an mmo yourself.

Well of course, one could easily do something,much smaller than the size of wow,or similar scale (small(er)) . But at least if you have a ‘framework’ in place that does it all, you just make what you want and the rest is a placeholder for new content later. Im sure it can be done, and its no doubt how wow was achieved, as even their huge teams, could not do it overnight :wink:

We all have goals, even if sometimes we need to adjust them to earth orbit ;))

16sqkm, would no doubt be one heck of a good start ( given content even for that would take sometime, dep. on team size of course)


Multiplayer isn’t yet working with Streaming landscape levels, but is being added in 4.3, check out this Post

Ok kewl np. I wont be ‘ready’ anytime soon for Multiplayer , but thx just the same for the good info.