Handy Mover: tool for easy control of objects movement

Handy Mover
A tool has been developed for setting the movement of objects using manipulators directly in the viewport. Just move them and quickly adjust the speed and time of movement in the desired areas. More than 80 parameters are also available for setting rotations, delays, different types of movement, interacting with triggers, patrolling characters directly on surfaces (for example, a landscape), binding a camera, and much more.
Very functional and saves a lot of time.

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Documentation and other info: Via Pixels
Discord for support


  • Object attachment
  • Closed loop movement
  • Backward movement
  • Repetitions
  • Movement on surfaces
  • Camera tracking
  • Possible to control in blueprints
  • Assign any of the possible directios for the attached actor
  • A variety of settings for speed, delays and rotations
  • 3 types of movements (set location, add offset, add movement input)
  • Different ways of placing the attached object after the end of the movement
  • Restore initial location, rotation and max walk speed (use if the attached actor is character)
  • Start from a given distance along spline
  • Placing tool to the attached actor (with offset assignment)
  • Stop conditions (at end of spline, after distance, after seconds)
  • Stop or not if the movement of the attached object is blocked
  • Interactions with triggers and configuration of actions at begin and end overlap (none, start, restart, stop, suspend, continue, backward movement)
  • and much more

Update (v1.01)

  • a small bug fix
  • improved inheritance usability

How to update assets and save dependencies

Tool price reduced
(adjustment after release)

New video with the real use example:

  • character falling with animation playing
  • sequential launch of separately configured Handy Mover’s
  • camera tracking
  • movement on the surface

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UE5? Yay or nay? :slight_smile: