Grappling Hook

I was wondering if anyone has a blueprint for a grapple mechanic (similar to Spiderman, not Batman). I heard Epic has a sample of this (and I’m not referring to the convoluted mess that is SwingNinja). I also heard that cable components have no effect on physics, they only affect the display of a rope, and therefore cannot help in this case. Does anyone have this, or know where I can find it? If Epic does have this, could they please release an example of it, preferably in 3D?

Hi Decca,

I just stumbled upon this post, so for you and anyone else who may be interested in the future, I put together a tutorial for a grappling hook that can be found here:

It is a 3D grappling hook and provides the basic functionality, but can be modified to suit your needs.

Thanks Adam that’ll be a lot of fun to play with.