Graphical Display Error When Using UE5 Editor

Hi Guys!

Totally new to Unreal Engine and the forums so bear with me :wink: I’m getting this really wierd graphical error in the editor, all of my drivers are up to date and I’ve verified the installation and the glitch is still here when I open Unreal.

The first picture shows my screen just before pressing the “quickly add to the project” button…

And here’s what happens as soon as I hover over the button…

Moving my cursor away from the button returns my screen to normal but clicking on the button causes further glitching along similar lines as above. This happens when hovering over/clicking any button in unreal engine editor. Apart from this the editor works exactly as it should. I am using Unreal Engine 5.0.2.

I have tried googling the error but I’ve not had much luck. Apologies if I’m missing something obvious. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Where is this button?

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In this case the button I’m referring to is the quickly add to project button. The one with the cube with a plus symbol next to it.

However I’m just using this one as an example. The same thing happens no matter which button I hover my cursor over or click on.

I see someone had this problem when ray tracing was enabled? ( sounds weird )

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Thanks for sending me this! I’ve just read through the topic and I suspect this glitch is due to G-Sync.

I’ll have a play around when I get back from work today and see if this solves the issue.

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Huge thanks for pointing me in the direction of that topic. It was indeed a G-Sync issue but would not have found the solution had you not found that topic.

To anyone else stumbling across this with the same issue, turning off G-Sync will resolve the issue. If you do not have G-Sync enabled and still experience this glitch, check out the topic shared by @ClockworkOcean for further suggestions.

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