Gradually increasing hitching caused by massive page faults?

Ok, it’s off for me as well, so trying it on now. All my profiling i’ve done have been in packaged game. Thanks for the info.

Sadly i still get the same amount of hitches with that setting = True. So i guess i have to cross my fingers that it’s getting fixed on 4.20 or 4.21 :frowning:

What i don’t understand though, is why we hear so little about this issue. Seems we’re only a handfull that experience this performance bug issue?

We have a 10 page thread on the forums where we are trying to get someone from Epic to comment on it, there are a lot of people experiencing this issue (mostly people with Nvidia GPU’s).

Here’s a link to that thread.

Unfortunately I can already tell you 4.20 does not solve anything, in fact it’s even worse, 40% increase in frame times and still has the hitching issue… We’re keeping our fingers crossed this will be fixed in 4.21, but that’s months away at this point.