GPU Lightmass settings

Any GPU LightMass users? Creating an interior shot but getting wildly different results when baking with GPU Lightmass vs older method. What are some suggested settings for interior shots? I am using 4.26 so maybe that is part of the problem.

i mastered it i think. Leave everything alone but change your Gi Samples to around 5000. I set mines as high as 10000. you have to experiment yourself. But the stock 512 is just way too low. I never go higher than 1024 on the lightmaps aswell. Keep them as low as you can. Most of my maps are like 256 to 512.

here is a interior shot with around 8000 samples…

What im trying to find out now is how to get GPUlightmass to package into Android. Thats my next problem to solve. Just that there is not much people here that respond or help. Kinda forces you to research for hours around the web and experiment. time consuming but you learn.

Wow. Nice!
A few questions hoping you can provide feedback on.
Are you using 4.26?
For the window light are you using 2 Rect lights?
Any Ray Tracing used or all prebaked + dynamic?
May I ask where you source your Textures-materials?
Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Using 4.26
The beauty of GPULightmass is im only using 2 light sources. Skylight and DirectLight for sun. No rectangle light sources.I did use the light portals on all windows. I think you think i used light rectangles since its all white in the windows. that’s actually from the slight over exposure from atmospheric fog.
No raytracing.Turned it off.Dont like that weird grain it gives when its on. All prebaked at Static
Textures are my own. Took pics with dslr and jus used photoshop to my likes.I did use some textures from the free Twinmotion pack for ArchViz in the market. Get it if you haven’t!.

Honestly from my experience learning gpulightmass… you really only need SKYLIGHT and you get amazing results. ill post another pic to prove it.

My issue with gpulightmass is how its failing at porting to Android. Still havent figured it out. Not sure if its a bug or im missing a settings.

Again thanks. great work with the textures. Not familiar with light portals. Just a suggestion re Ray Tracing. Disable Ray Traced GI and AO but take advantage of Ray Traced cast shadows and reflections. To disable Ray Traced AO you have to check ‘Enabled’ but uncheck the checkbox next to it. Was thinking GPU Lightmass still not compatible with 4.26. Getting lots of crashes! Will try again.

yeah… lots of tinkering . But thats how you learn. Im not getting any crashes myself using gpu. But… I did notice crashes that i did get were due to running out of ram. So keep an eye on it. I was running 32 gigs and jumped to 64gigs since i do keep lots of programs open.

I just use emissive light to do some interior
i put some portals too, but honestly, i dont think is necessary

Have some rect lighs over the kitchen, but only for some LED light details, all the rest is emissive doing the trick

GI Samples just 1024
Irradiance Caching on, stardand values.

wait… how did you light it? Did you not use any skylight? Just rec lights? That actually looks decent if just rec lights. I found out just 1 sky light is enough honestly… but doesnt look as bright as yours. Skylight only does give it some nice real world realism looks though…

And yeah…noticed that light prtals do little to nothing.

No lights, not even SkyLight, only emissive to generate ambient light.
Have some rects, but just for some kitchen lights.

By the way, anyone know how to deactivate lighs from emissive, with GPU LighMass, it seens automatic.

How do you use GPULightmass without raytracing ?

You have to use this console command:

r.RayTracing.ForceAllRayTracingEffects 0