Google play error openssl

ue4 version:4.9
I have an error when I’m uploading my app to google play store. The error: OpenSSL vulnerabilities
Google play says that I have to upgrade my oppenSSL version to 1.02f/1.01r or higher. I have no idea how to do this.


  • Could you please let me see your Android SDK settings?
  • Have you tested a sample project in a newer version of the engine, such as 4.13 or 4.14?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Here are the SDK settings

I have tried to put a sample project with version 4.11 on google play but that also doesn’t work

If you’re working in 4.11 now, you’ll need to update your Android NDK to r12b instead of r10e. I’d also try Android-19 and Android-19 or Latest and Android-19 in SDK API Level and NDK API Level.

Upload your newest logs too, thanks!

Fixed it! I installed version 14.4, moved my game to this version and downloaded android R5. Thanks!