GitHub Notification Spam and Disabling Auto-Watch on UnrealEngine GitHub Forks.

Yeah, same here. Opened my inbox this morning to a dozen of these new Git spam. ugh…

As far as AnswerHub goes we are trying to delete them as fast as possible, but we are getting 100+ spam posts most days so it’s hard to keep up. I go through the previous 24 hours each morning (PST) to delete any that weren’t noticed, @Moss does the same (GMT? not sure what his timezone is) and it seems to be getting better. When I’m online I’m checking it every hour or so as well.

The filter is doing a pretty good job at catching most of it, but due to the sheer quantity of posts some will still get through. We’ve been working to improve the filter lately so hopefully it will continue to get better. :slight_smile:

i’m getting sick of these emails.

[MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION] have been working to address the AnswerHub spam and have an on going focus to battle the waves there :cool:.

Hey there, have you un-watched and unchecked “Automatically watch repositories” in your settings as mentioned above? I’d love to know if people are still seeing new subscriptions with those settings changed, as that should prevent it.


I don’t want to jinx it, but no, I am no longer getting spammed with those steps taken.

yea, the amount of spammage has been reduced significantly on the answerhub, but I still think it shouldn’t reach the users at all.
We are part of the answerhub to help, and for that we often need to go trough a barrage of spam first.
I have already disabled receiving emails twice, from a few days to a few weeks, and its getting more and more tempting to just not enable email anymore.
Anyways, waaaay offtopic!

Apologies for derailing, I tend to be good at that :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the unwatch/uncheck automatically watch repo’s seems to be working for me.

I’d love for that to be the case! We’re working to get there :slight_smile: We certainly appreciate how far you go out of your way to help others and are actively working to improve here.

Hey Epic and other community staff involved

Thanks for all your continued efforts on resolving this and helping improve the experiences for the future.

I know there are likely a lot of annoyed & angry people. But I just wanted to shine that while I did receive about 160 emails yesterday. I wasn’t annoyed and not even a little mad. I personally found it quite amusing to say the least and this kind of thing can happen from time to time when doing something like this.

Though I feel like GitHub should probably add in a “if autowatchers is > N, don’t send N emails until approval” specifically where N is a rather large number (over 1k?)

@DotCam I really think the Account Creation process needs better protection, the filter does do a good job but that should be the last line of defense, its simply too easy to automate account creation so I dont see things getting better for you (or @Moss) in terms of workload until the actual problem is addressed. Im not sure why its being ignored!

I only have one repo in my watch list, which is the one I am legitimately working on (a UE4 fork owned by my colleague, of which I have full access). The notifications tab is completely empty.

I have also received notifications by e-mail about, and apparently been granted push access to, 20-30 others in the last few days, none of which appear anywhere in my profile or settings.

I turned off “automatically watch” anyway (btw, there is no “bell” icon on my Github dashboard) but this feels like a different problem.

For now we will put all our efforts in sorting out the problems and keep fighting spam as always ^^. AnswerHub spam is sometimes hard t spot due to the amount of legitimate messages so if you see some just report it and we’ll get it removed.

Yup thats cool but my number one concern right now is the personal information which Epic have for all of us, spam I can handle but if this situation continues to escalate it wont be long before spam is used for a cover to launch a real attack.

This just feels to me like raptors testing the fences!

Lol… I thought my account was hacked and used to get into forks which I don’t even know it exist… I have over 200 spam emails… and I have not checked my email today yet… (already evening in here)

Edit: Okay the spam has stopped.


Hey all! I wanted to give an update here. The great folks over at GitHub have added an exception to our organization to ignore the “Automatically watch repositories” flag on accounts in order to avoid this in the future. You should no longer see unwanted notifications on new repos that are set up that grant you access.

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

It really shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but thanks for getting it resolved! It’s nice not waking up to over 100 emails.

Could it be that this is happening again? I’ve been subscribed to at least 5 new forks today, all of which seem to have immediately been deleted again, as the github link only shows a 404.

Yep, it’s happening again to me as well, have had 3 notifications today.

We’re aware and our team is working on it!

Same, this is really annoying.