Git Source Control Provider Plugin

Although I tried the version control provider earlier (and had some difficulties, can’t remember what though) I’ve been using git command line and I have a question: can any version control provider merge changes to projects from two different commits?

No, as far as I can tell, Epic is still working on the subject of merge.

Gotcha. That’s something I’d really like to have, I hope they figure it out soon.

this looks really promising, going to check it out this evening. quick question will I be able to use git’s branching/merging ? (outside the engine) I can see it’s not in the editor yet

You can branch and merge, but each file is treated like an individual binary so a merge replaces the older file with the newer file entirely.

Yes, that’s it, so basically you should try to not change the same “content” (map/asset/blueprint) in two different branches.

Most people using source control have been branching for different versions of UE, since a lot of the time assets aren’t backwards compatible. You almost never need to merge branches in that situation. Sadly feature branches are a bit trickier.

could really do with epic creating a merging tool :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Trello Roadmap updated a few minutes ago:

Merge Tools (DONE: 4.6)

Extend the BP diff tool by adding the ability to merge two blueprints together.

Update 7/25: Merge tool is now being integrated into the standard BP editor. Backend, source control, and tooling is now complete.

woah… 7/25 ? so it is in unreal now ? if so, where ?
although, im on 4.5.1 and i see you said “DONE: 4.6”, so perhaps this is in a future update?

Yeah, confusing, but I think this was when then started to work on the subject; it is only done for the upcoming 4.6 as per their roadmap.

so with the next unreal update i shall install your git plugin
currently using SmartGit
but look forward to keeping it all in the editor

weird just noticed in my open blueprint, clicking the Window menu item, it has an item “merge tool”, help text : Used to display several versions of a blueprint that need to be merged into a single version

I do not see this in the “Windows” menu of my Level blueprint (using the binary release of UE 4.5 with default option).

What version of the Editor are you using? A custom build of the latest preview tag on GitHub?
What Source Control Provider are you using? Perhaps Subversion or Perforce?

Now that 4.6 is released, is there any news on this? Was it implemented?

SRombauts, do you have an estimate on how soon you may 4.6 support?

Sorry, I did not see your question until now; I have a new son born on the 12/12!

So a 4.6 binary compatible release is out thanks to the user Web-eWorks, but I am currently trying to look at the branch/merge support on 4.6.

Does this make a shallow clone or does it clone the full history of the files? The latter option sounds quite expensive HDD space wise.

You do the clone as you like, the Git plugin does not currently handle the creation of a clone (nor Push/Pull operations to a remote server)

edit: please let me know if you encounter a problem using a shallow clone

Hi all!

I’ve updated once more the git plugin 0.6.2 for UE4.6, with fix for status icons, to conform to Source Control Status Icons

I’ve also released a version 0.6.3 for UE4.7 update 2.