Git LFS Diff not working

I also tried implementing the fix without luck. I’m not using FInteractiveProcess though, so perhaps someone has an idea how to get this working: GitHub branch

Hi there,

I am sorry/sad that I was not aware of the issue, but someone has finally made a report into my Github bug-tracker

I’ve been able to reproduce the problem, and I will try to work on this, but it does not seem easy (as others have found).

I’ve already tested it with success!
Let’s hope for a quick integration in the Engine (UE4.15 would have been nice, but it’s probably already too late).

Having that, it would be nice to:

  1. Detect Git LFS correct installation, and/or add a manual option to “use Git LFS” into the “Source Control Init screen”.
  2. Retrieve content of older revision of assets using git smudge.
  3. Enable auto-creation of a default “.gitattribute” file.
  4. Detect incomplete installation (when “git lfs install” was not executed).


Edit: target fix has been set to UE4.16 on the issue tracker