"GigaMaidens" - 1 on 1 3D arena-style fighting game - looking for 3D artists/animators

Project Title: GigaMaidens

Description: An anime-style, all-female 1-on-1 3D fighting game in the style of SoulCalibur and Tech Romancer, for 1-2 players. Players fight each other and attempt to deplete each others health bars in best-of-3 style fighting matches. All the characters are kilometer-tall giants fighting in cities, jungles and other locations, and destroy terrain with their movements and attacks. Trying to build a prototype which we will then take to kickstarter.

Desired gameplay features:

  • Destructible environments and terrain
  • Cast of giant characters
  • Flashy special/super moves
  • Online/offline competitive multiplayer
  • Single player arcade-style story mode

**Team Name: ** none yet.

Talent Required:

None currently! All positions are now taken. Stay tuned for more job offers in the future!

Please contact me with provided examples of your work. Be aware that as we are paying for this game out of pocket, we cannot afford to hire too many staff members, so only one or two will be picked. The more of the above you know about the better!

Current members:

Josh T. - Project Leader & Game/Character Designer (4 years)

Samuel Teo S. - Character Designer, Concept Artist, Art Leader (4 years)

Previous Titles: None, first project.

Website: - Here you will find our character concepts, promotional artwork, and fledgling community.


Josh T.
Skype: crunkapotamus

Visual Style Reference:** This is one of our characters. This isn’t final; we intend to give her a more stylized, cel-shaded appearance in the game, but this demonstrates the general type of art style we are going for with this game. We want an anime style with bright colors.

It’s been a while but I have a new job available for those interested!

Aaaand the job has been taken! Thanks for all interested replies! I’ll be back with a new job offer in the future!