Get debris from Destructible Object

I’d like to get the debris from my UDestructibleComponent once it breaks.

I’ve had no luck figuring out how to do this however. My attempt was in Blueprints to get the component, and get it’s children array.

A C++ solution would be ideal but Blueprints are fine as well.

Thanks for reading.

#PhysX Wiki Tutorial

I have a whole tutorial on how to do this here!

This tutorial shows you how to get all the world space transforms of the debris using PhysX code in a custom Destructible Component class!

Wiki Link



Wow, super sorry about this late response.

First, thank you a ton for the link. I’ve used many of your posts as key resources for learning UE4.

That being said, I am unable to access the “physx::PxRigidDynamic” type’s members. That is to say, the tutorial’s stock example code does not compile for me. Including “PhysXIncludes” has proven to NOT be enough. Nor has adding “PhysX”, “APEX” to the Build.CS.

I’m currently using 4.4.

My tutorial is based on 4.4,

the only two steps I did was the PhysXIncludes and the build CS stuff

So I am not sure what your issue is!

I’d say try again in a fresh C++ template project

make sure you go into YourGame.h and change EngineMinimal to Engine.h

see what happens then

My patented "UE4 C++ Starting Anew"© method will hopefully uncover the issue