Generate mipmaps of texture downloaded from the web?

Thank you for the help, ClockworkOcean. It’s a JPG (1024x1024).

I’ll check those tomorrow as soon as I can. Thank you so much for your help - I really appreciate it.

Hi all, I hope you can help me with this:
I am downloading a texture in runtime to use it as a texture. However, mipmaps are not generated, so there’s a moiree effect going on (texture is not smooth). Is there a way of generating mipmaps once the texture is downloaded using blueprints?

Thank you!

When you import the texture the mips should get generated. What format are you importing?

I just tried a jpg and 10 mips right off the bat, but…

JPG is not really what you want, and 1024 is too small.

Why not get some textures from Megascans, there’s a whole library there for free?

EDIT: Ah - runtime, lemme think…

I’d say first step would be don’t use JPG. Try PNG.

Then, you have:

and possibly:

Sorry I can’t say anything defintive.

VictoryPlugin has the same limitation… no mipmaps on textures loaded at runtime.

Darn… :-/

I have a similar problem.

I can draw the downloaded texture to a Canvas Render Target to let it automatically generate mips, and that works fine on PC.

It does not work for MacOS or Android though, giving me green mips and crashing respectively.

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Have you found a solution for that?