Generate each Mesh instance with a different orientation

Hello maths fans,

I’m wondering : since Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh instances are generated in the the component space, when you make a loop to generate them, how can you give each one a different orientation ?

Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

That’s what the transform is for:;base64

Combine with:

And you’re good to go.​

Erm… if you offset every instance location and just chose a random rotation, the result will look a bit “funny” lol. The rotation is in the component space, its not the instance rotation “on itself”.

Not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could demonstrate the desired end result. A crude sketch will do. What’s wrong with this:

Looks pretty serious to me. :slight_smile:

What am I not understanding? If you wish to account for the rotation of the component as well - combine / transform rotation when you instantiate. Or use the non-World node to instantiate in component space.

Inverse Transform Rotation for World -> Local and vice versa for the non-inverse transform.
Location in component space:

Each instance is rotated in its own space:

Not sure if there’s more to it. Perhaps I’m missing something obvious. Do tell.