"Game View" for UMG editor?

As the title says, the ability to view your UMG widgets as you would see them in game. This would disable all the editor indicators like grids, lines and selections with a simple toggle.
In the game editor you press the “G” key and it shows you game view, how about that but for UMG?


I already suggested this, but it does not seem to be trivial…


Even better, could we simply allow for widgets to update themselves in the actual UMG? Maybe add a special event “EventEditorConstruct” which would be run a lot like the construction script on blueprints. This would allow for WAY more dynamic editing, and allows us to make awesome umg api’s and such! Since the current umg system doesn’t allow this really well. :frowning:

EDIT: Sorry for taking over your post! I get carried away :wink: Your idea sounds farr more realistic though

With a little C++ code you can make a new userwidget baseclass that allows this, just be careful.

Another +1 from me… + Another related request for widgets updating in UMG: