Full STEAMWORKS Tutorials for UDK3 Engine.

I think you misunderstood me. Epic is not allowed to distribute UDK. Epic is not allowed to make UDK available for download through the Epic Games Store. If you already have UDK, you are allowed to make a game with it and distribute it however you want. You’re not going to get in trouble for making a game with UDK. No one is going to kick you off the forums. You can distribute the game for free. But if you want to charge money for the game, you just need to contact Epic and get a commercial license.

Okay I get it. So what am I suppose to do right now?

Look up a tutorial for making an iOS game in UE4? Look up a Blueprints tutorial for UE4?

Oh okay. What do you mean? Making fangame from scratch? Like new beginning,new start like entire process of character modelling,baking textures,rigging model,making new animations and making new maps,right?

Dude, it’s entirely up to you. You decide what you want to do. You wanted to build Jazz Jackrabbit for iOS in UDK. And now you want to try UE4. So do whatever you want to do in UE4.

Yeah sure thing. But how many methods are to import udk jjios kismet tutorial maps,textures,characters models and animations from ue3 to ue4? Anyway I explained this udk problems here in that thread.…eam-can-t-load