[Free Stuff][WIP][Training]Mfgcasa Nub to Pro

What this is for:
Basically I really need to improve my skills in Video Gaming in General and plan to use Unreal 4 todo it.
So every week I am going to give myself a task, or look at this thread for suggestions, to create something, be it a Blueprint, Particle, Material(PBR), or Mesh fully UV Mapped with PBR Material.

-Improve My skills
-Create 2k quality Textures
-HQ, High Poly meshes with LOD support

My Pipeline for Material editing(As of Aug 1st 2015):
-Download any textures I need from CG Textures
-Add touches to it in Krita (x64)[free]
-Bitmap2Material 3.0.3£15 on steam]
-Create substance in substance deisigner
-Import and Rig in Unreal 4
if you guys have any idea of how to improve my Pipeline then please let me know

All Models are Made in Blender[free]
Painted in Substance Painter£80 steam]

Free Stuff I have made:
Please feel free to use for either non-comerical or comerical products, just add me(Mfgcasa) to the Credits
-Nothing(as of right now, just started :))

Weekly Tasks

1st Week
To create 5 PBR Materials for use inside Unreal 4
-2 Wood Textures
-2 Metal Textures
-1 Plastic Texture

Well I failed. Its the end of the week and I haven’t made all 5 textures. It turns out theres alot more to PBR then I orignially thought!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Below are wood textures I managed to Complete.(Let me know if you can’t see it, im trying out Unreals image file saver)

Download Link:

2st Week
-To create 3 new PBR rock Materials.
-5 rock formations(models) per rock.
I think what I’ll do is use these for a base and make 3 to 4 a week.

Hi mfgcasa, any updates on this? I am curious to see your results for the rock formations!