[FREE] Realistic Tree Pack

Hi Lazer, thank you very much for this pack! I have an issue with all of the trees that have more than one bark and leaf material (which is all except 3). If I move away from the object the bark there appear to be flat planes where branches should be, with the bark texture on them.

Do you have any clue what I might be doing wrong?

  • Jaapyse

Hello can I use these tree in UE5 with a Mac OS? … they look great!


Hi, I’m new here and just saw this post been updated,

maybe it’s a little bit late for the answer…
I think you can change the LOD 0’s distance to show the whole detail.

to flys_pippo
thx for letting me notice this awesome pack,
I just downloaded it and open up the project and it works great on UE4.26
(the zip file less than 150mb)

hey! How can I use them in Unreal Engne 5 or how can I add them into my existing scene?