[FREE] EpicLeaderboard.com free online leaderboards for UE4


Hey everyone,

Epic Leaderboard is an online leaderboard plugin and server.
The goal of this project is to create a plug and play leaderboard solution for gamejams and smallish indie games.

If you enjoy EpicLeaderboard you can support the development and hosting by becoming a Patreon

The plugin comes prebuilt and contains a fully functional and customizable UMG leaderboard widget.
In the online dashboard you can track how many people are playing your game, manage all of the submitted scores, create new leaderboards, etc.

How does it work?

  • Download the example project from the website or from GitHub
  • Sign up for free on EpicLeaderboard.com
  • Create a new leaderboard for your game
  • Migrate the UMG template or create your own
  • Watch players compete in real-time

Kodi also created a very detailed tutorial showing off how it works from start to finish

Flexible UMG Templates
The UMG leaderboard templates contain everything you need to get started
and can be customized very easily.

When viewing the top entries the players score will be displayed in a spotlight view instead.

You can now attach additional meta information to leaderboard entries by wrapping them in a string->string map


The plugin will automatically manage the conversion to and from the server back to a Blueprint accessible map


Live Web Interface
You can manage all of your leaderboards and scores through a live dashboard,
keep track of how many people are playing your game, etc.


We are still testing everything out,
if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.



Great work JR! I’m big fan of this plugin

This is really cool

Oh dude this is awesome! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I got a small question, can i make a full statistic page for fps project with this plugin?

[MENTION=11029]Andrew Bedier[/MENTION]

The system was designed with arcade games in mind but
with a little bit of tweaking you could implement for example 1 leaderboard per weapon type and rank your players based on kill count, precision or K/D.

At the moment we are limiting the number of returned scores to 50
So to only figure out the rank you would have to loop through the returned scores and find the username
If I have some time I’ll add a getRankForUsername api endpoint which should make this type of use case much easier to implement

Thanks to everyone who already signed up!

Just added a new “Scores submitted” details panel that I had on my list for a long time

Note that this will count the number of scores submitted (not number of entries on the leaderboard added)
so its a better estimate for the overall activity.

any chance of you guys compiling the plugin to work on Unreal Engine Linux? or just giving it LInux support.

Source code is included and we are not using anything windows specific, so recompiling for another platform should not be a problem,
Let us know if you experience any issues

#include “CoreUObject.h” <–says cannot find this file. is this from the Unreal Engine Source Code?

Yes, this file is part of the engine “Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Public/CoreUObject.h”
Make sure you have your build environment setup correctly.

You can also try cross compiling for Linux from Windows Installing Linux Toolchain On Windows

I got a similar error when using the wrong engine/plugin version they must match. Make sure you download the matching plugin version to your engine version

Hopefully this gets updated to 4.13 soon @jr4815 but awesome job so far!

Updated to 4.13
Thanks to everyone who already signed up!

Btw, feel free to send us feature requests to EpicLeaderboard@gmail.com or on twitter @EpicLeaderboard](https://twitter.com/EpicLeaderboard)

this looks good!

is there a way to integrate this into UDK?

Loving the plugin! :smiley:

We are using it in September #UE4jam Submission Thread - Events - Unreal Engine Forums

Oh nice this looks awesome :slight_smile:

Nice Plugin, thank you very much!

We are running into 3 Problems with it:

  1. Is the Score above 999 (4 Numbers) like 1000, the Leaderboard shows it as 1 and sets the Player to the lowest position in the Board. Can we set the Score to higher Values?

  2. A Player can multiple Times add different Names to the LeaderBoard per Round, People could so spamm the Board. How can we set this up, so the Player is only able to Submit his Score one time per Round/Death?

  3. Is it possible to enable Symbols? A player can only Use Letters and Numbers. What about !"§$%&/()=?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for using the plugin

  1. You can definitely submit scores higher than 1000 just make sure you set the number of decimal points to something reasonable (can be adjusted in the Dashboard)
  2. The best way around that would be to only allow players to set their name once and then store it in a savegame Savegame Documentation
  3. Right now we do not allow special characters to keep the leaderboards clean

Point 2 is solved. Thanks for your answer.
Point 1 will be hopefully solved soon. Will let you know.
Point 3, thats a good idea. Thank you!