[FREE] Audio Pack

Awesome :smiley:

THX a lot for this free, HQ audio pack :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Awesome stuff.

Thank you so much, these are amazingly good quality. Very much appreciate the gesture man.

Thanks soooo much! IF i ever get into releasing anything with these i will give u a gift :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

I gonna test this, both links working. :slight_smile:
Im Sure everyone will have fun!

Those sounds awesome, but all links are dead :frowning:
Could someone repost the two packs please? Thank you in advance, and ty dneproman for these packs, long live the UE community :slight_smile:

Confirm…links to dropbox and mega are dead also dunno why but I can’t play these songs on soundcloud, anyone else same problem? :confused: Edit: well soundcloud is just super slow at buffering, weird

Yes, links are broken.

Re-upload would be great, or has this offer expired?

You can download the audio pack from my GoogleDrive :slight_smile:

This mirror can be added to the OP.

Thanks Stevie. Do you maybe have the Thriller pack also?!nRVVEayA!T1NUIKYlSsHzXbXbg-smPjHPto-COKrfNEDQpkTFKYg

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Your welcome :slight_smile:

…and yes, I have it too. Here :wink:

PS: link is at my UE4 resources page since day 1.

your download link dropbox is broken 404

has any of the sounds been used in known games?