Fly through a level / cinematic with oculus rift control -?


i’m trying to create a large level, and then have an oculus rift controlled camera fly through the level, like a cinematic, but with the oculus rift head tracking working too?

i have tried matinee, but it seems like it doesnt work with the oculus rift head tracking, and only shows what the camera is directly seeing. i would like to have this person fly through the level, but be able to look around at anything they want whilst following the set path.

my other idea was to create a platform, stick the player on it and then matinee the platform through the level, but i dont actually know how to insert a player character with gravity so they will stick to the moving platform.

is there an easier way? what should i be looking into? could anyone help me please?

really appreciate it!

thank you.

Have you checked “Follow Hmd Orientation” on your camera?

im not really sure where to find that, is that in the blueprints?